BSC - Band Saw Computer

Calculate and Count the Scale position for Saw Mills with manual setup

How this application for counting and calculating cut working. You need only basic scale from mill.

18.may.2014 - version 1.3.0 uploaded
.....repaired unersized log cutting

Band Saw Computer is j2me java midlet software for mobile cell phones for counting and calculating Scale cut position for Band Saw Mills with manual cut height setup. It is like Accuset, but with manual blade position setup. What you need is this java application and Cell Phone with java support. In this software is included also more utilities for cutting. Program is free for use.


Calc Utilities:
  • - Log Diameter for know Square
  • - Max Square from know Log diameter
  • - Cut undersized Log
  • - Center Heart position
  • - Widht for boards from outer slabs

Cut Counter for Mill Scale:
  • - Count down from blade position
  • - Count up from blade position
  • - Pattern mode - count from bed position
  • - In every cases is cuting from top to down
  • - Preprograming slab thickness

  • - Choose betwen Metric or Anglo-American units
  • - Accuracy 1 mm, 1/16 inch, 1/32 inch
  • - Setting bottom board thicknes
  • - Setting kerf thickness
  • - Four programs for Down, Up and Pattern in 16 steps

For more information you may download user manual in PDF, or other images here You may also download limited version direct from your phone. In WAP/Internet browser in Phone enter this link: for downloading and try the program. Is recomended install this software to phone memory, not to the memory card, where is program slowly. If you have problem with downloading from phone, please check WAP/Internet settings or contact your provider. You can also ask a friend for help :-).
If your device is able receive the bsc.jar file from PC (via Bluetooth or Cable) you can also download a first the file to PC from here and then send to phone.